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The Widebooty Files – Adding Wider Fenders to your C5 Corvette

One of the most head turning and noticeable exterior modifications available for the C5 Corvette is the installation of widened rear quarter panels. The extra 2 inches of flare completely alter the body lines of the already timeless fixed roof coupe design but we will just let the pictures do the talking. 





vette pic





To achieve the look above it takes the following recipe:

-1 set of widened quarter panels (Corvette Creationz pictured above)

-345/35/18 Mickey Thompson ET Streets

-C6Z OEM wheels in C5Z offsets  (18X10.5 Front  / 18×12 Rear)

-20mm Spacers with extended studs (Never ran into issues using them but also didnt 1/4 mile often. 


This is by far the most important factor and concern for those ready to convert to a wider rear end. You are about to spend some serious coin on your obsession to be the widest on the road and the last thing anyone wants is a set of Corvette body panels that do not properly line up, or require a 50 gallon drum of body filler to smooth them out. You wont be happy and your body shop will laugh at you. Nobody wants that.

My Experience with duraflex

I ordered Corvette Creationz fenders and opted for them in Duraflex instead of Carbon Fiber. (If I could push a button and do it all over again I would have hands down ordered them in Carbon Fiber). They arrived looking semi decent to my virgin auto body eyes but I could tell they would need some smoothing. I dropped the car/fenders off at the bodyshop and a week later she was ready for pick up. The total bill came to $700.00 (test fit, smoothing, prep, paint and install) I paid MORE for bodywork then I did for the entire set of fenders. Thankfully they came out amazing and I was overall very happy with them but BE advised! You WILL pay significantly more for bodywork with duraflex then you will with painting and fitting the Carbon Fiber fenders.

pike vette

Pike, owner of Pikes Body Shop did absolutely amazing work fitting and finishing the fenders. If you ever visit the Hot Rod town of Herington, KS make sure you stop by and talk LSX.


Trey Conner’s  Widebooty C5Z06

Corvette Creationz CF Fenders

-360 forged mesh 8 wheels (19×10 fronts 20×13 rears)

– Michelin Pilot sport Cup 2 Rears in 345/30/20









Andrew Akins C5Z with L5 Fenders- Left 

Tommygun Joyners C5Z with Corvette Creationz Fenders – Right

(for comparison, I’ve been told that L5 fenders fit well but at a higher price)

the boys being wide

Hopefully this article helps arm you with knowledge on your venture to widen your C5 Corvette. If you have ANY questions comments concerns etc please message us directly OR find us on Facebook “Z06 Vette Owners” we have our main group, our buy sell trade, and our feature page. 

the   widened  C5 Z06


2 thoughts on “The Widebooty Files – Adding Wider Fenders to your C5 Corvette

  1. Just ordered my CC carbons quarters, I will be getting wheels made. One thing I need is a measurement if anyone knows it off hand or can get one for me? I’d need the measurements from the wheel hub where the wheel contacts the hub…to the quarter panel. This is to get what offset/backspacing is need to properly fit my wheels. From BCforged…..said possibly from their calculations, it should be “8.125” (estimate) I do not have them attached to the car since I don’t have them yet. Hopefully I can get the car done by mid May! Thanks guys!

    1. I do not have these exact measurements to memory but I will do some researching for you. I know you’ll want at least a 12-13 width rim will update.

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