Z06 of the Month

Z06 Of the Month – November

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Wess Cruz
 821 WHP 751 TQ Built and Tuned by (Lou Gigliotti) LG Motorsports 
Engine Mods 
Procharger D1X Direct Drive Supercharger Kit- 8 Rib
Race Intercooler
Race BOV
Alky Methanol Injection System
American Racing Longtube Headers
Kooks High flow cats with Xpipe
Full Borla Stinger Exhaust System
LG CNCd ported Heads
Bronze guides
LG G7XB Forced Induction Boosted Cam
Morel Lifters/Valvesprings
LG Rockers/Trunion upgrade
Injector Dynamics ID1050X Fuel Injector upgrade
ARP Head Bolts/Cam Bolts
LG 160 Thermostat
NGK TR6 spark-plugs 
NW TB 102
Mantic 9000 twin disk clutch
Custom Tuned for Boost
Exterior Mods
Custom Wide Fenders
ZR1 side splitters
Custom Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler 
Custom Carbon Fiber front ZR1 splitters and rods
Custom Lower air ram
Rear glass/hatch side covers
Wheels & Tires
Ferrada FR4 20×10 Front & 20×11.5 Rear ET:30
285/25/20 Sport Cup & 335/25/20 Sport Cup 2
 Favorite Mod
Procharger D1X with Methanol injection
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Z06 of the Month

Z06 of the Month – October

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Louis Pepe

Dyno Numbers:
628/540 N/A 746/700 Nitrous

Mod List :
-Ported and Milled LS7 Heads
-Race Proven Motorsports B3 cam
-Tony Mamo Ported MSD
-NW 102
-ARH 1 7/8’s headers 3” X no cats, Stock ZR1 mufflers
-Monster LT1 Triple Disk Clutch
-RPM Built level 7 Trans
-LG drag spindles
-Carlyle Racing 15” Rear Brake kit
-Nitrous Express plate kit
-Tuned by Fran Schatz at Race Proven Motorsports


The Widebooty Files – Adding Wider Fenders to your C5 Corvette

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One of the most head turning and noticeable exterior modifications available for the C5 Corvette is the installation of widened rear quarter panels. The extra 2 inches of flare completely alter the body lines of the already timeless fixed roof coupe design but we will just let the pictures do the talking. 





vette pic





To achieve the look above it takes the following recipe:

-1 set of widened quarter panels (Corvette Creationz pictured above)

-345/35/18 Mickey Thompson ET Streets

-C6Z OEM wheels in C5Z offsets  (18X10.5 Front  / 18×12 Rear)

-20mm Spacers with extended studs (Never ran into issues using them but also didnt 1/4 mile often. 


This is by far the most important factor and concern for those ready to convert to a wider rear end. You are about to spend some serious coin on your obsession to be the widest on the road and the last thing anyone wants is a set of Corvette body panels that do not properly line up, or require a 50 gallon drum of body filler to smooth them out. You wont be happy and your body shop will laugh at you. Nobody wants that.

My Experience with duraflex

I ordered Corvette Creationz fenders and opted for them in Duraflex instead of Carbon Fiber. (If I could push a button and do it all over again I would have hands down ordered them in Carbon Fiber). They arrived looking semi decent to my virgin auto body eyes but I could tell they would need some smoothing. I dropped the car/fenders off at the bodyshop and a week later she was ready for pick up. The total bill came to $700.00 (test fit, smoothing, prep, paint and install) I paid MORE for bodywork then I did for the entire set of fenders. Thankfully they came out amazing and I was overall very happy with them but BE advised! You WILL pay significantly more for bodywork with duraflex then you will with painting and fitting the Carbon Fiber fenders.

pike vette

Pike, owner of Pikes Body Shop did absolutely amazing work fitting and finishing the fenders. If you ever visit the Hot Rod town of Herington, KS make sure you stop by and talk LSX.


Trey Conner’s  Widebooty C5Z06

Corvette Creationz CF Fenders

-360 forged mesh 8 wheels (19×10 fronts 20×13 rears)

– Michelin Pilot sport Cup 2 Rears in 345/30/20









Andrew Akins C5Z with L5 Fenders- Left 

Tommygun Joyners C5Z with Corvette Creationz Fenders – Right

(for comparison, I’ve been told that L5 fenders fit well but at a higher price)

the boys being wide

Hopefully this article helps arm you with knowledge on your venture to widen your C5 Corvette. If you have ANY questions comments concerns etc please message us directly Z06VetteOwners@gmail.com OR find us on Facebook “Z06 Vette Owners” we have our main group, our buy sell trade, and our feature page. 

the   widened  C5 Z06


ZVO Giveaways

MGW-HINSON Short Shifter Giveaway! – Ends July 18 @ midnight

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Every $5.00 spent HERE automatically enters your name for a chance to win.

Unlimited amount of entries are allowed. (Example : Buying a ZVO T Shirt enters you 4 times)

Entries are recorded each time and names will be pulled at random. (More entries the higher your chances)

Winners will be drawn and announced on our closed group and feature page on FB



Drawing one : MGW’s latest “standard” short shifter kit complete with lower box  (C5/C6/C7 Corvette)

(Stock outdated image pictured, dont want to tear open the box for a picture)
















Drawing two : Hinson Motorsports short shifter (utilizes stock lowerbox)






















Drawing Three: National Corvette Museum license plate cover (for that daily driver) 

rather vette


Drawing Four : Z06 Vette Owners T Shirt and Koozie package (View in store)













Drawing Five : Z06 Vette Owners engraved beer glass 



Street Car Takeover – Topeka KS

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View from the SCT Kick Off Party held earlier in April



If you haven’t yet heard of Street Car Takeover  (SCT) then it’s safe to assume two things :

-You aren’t a car guy/gal.

-You haven’t the slightest clue what WHP stands for

If this is the case, you may find the nearest X on your screen and click it now. (Only kidding)

SCT is the nations largest traveling performance oriented automotive event and it’s attendance speaks for itself. Normally a 2 day event, things start off with a massive meet and greet car show complete with well known performance vendors and sponsor displays, high horsepower cars, food trucks, and of course the good ole dream crushing mobile dyno. If this isn’t enough to clear up your Friday night then Saturday at the racetrack will fix that. 14 different race classes are available to cater to all types of vehicles. For a complete list you can check out the website here.

Next stop ? Denver Colorado! 

Anyways, moving onto the good stuff! Here are some photos we took!






Member Features

Heads / Cam and CCWs – Louie Bdub

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ZVO Member: Louie Bdub


Paint Color:
Victory Red, top painted Black

Date Purchased and location: 

November 2014 as a birthday present to myself. 


 Haltech 103,

MSD Manifold,

AHP Stage 4 heads 11.4:1,

BTR Platinum Valvetrain,

Custom BTR cam,

Kooks 1 7/8th Headers into a catless X pipe with modded GM mufflers. 

Custom PMR 5 point Chromoly Bar,

Cobra Imola GT seat,

DJ 5 point harness,

Vettesthetics headlights

PSX_20160604_163050Tuner Info:
Ryne Cunningham / CMS

Track Times:
Shift Sector 164.1mph

Dyno Numbers:
Mustang Dyno 561 RWHP / 512 WTQ

Wheel Specs: 
CCW D110 3 piece, custom setup made for the C6Z,

18X12.5 rears wrapped in Mickey SS 

18X7.5 fronts wrapped in Hoosiers

PSX_20160604_162945Events Attended / Race History:
3 Shift Sector events, and many, many vacations to mexico… 

The car is literally my daily driver, I know everyone says that, but I actually do drive it to work every single day, and all over town. 

Instagram & YouTube: