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LS7 Swapped Apex Hunter – Brad Yonkers

Year: 2002

Paint Color: Torch Red

Date Purchased and location:  June 2014 – MI

Modifications and History: 

 The only modifications at the time  of purchase were upgraded  Z06 shocks// Hotchkis front swaybar// Corbeau seats and a Brey Krause Harness bar.

Initial goals for the C5Z06 was to have a fun and enjoyable platform that didn’t require modification.  That sounds great on paper but we are automotive enthusiasts and there is ALWAYS room for improvement. 

Brad’s words :

Eventually I wanted a bit more brake life as I’d burn through stock brake pads every track day. Then I wanted some better suspension, then I needed bigger tires to better use the new suspension, then the bigger tires lead to high enough G forces that the stock LS6 starved for oil at Gingerman in June 2015 and spun a bearing, a new motor was sourced with a bit more power, the extra power wound up needing a better transmission and that brings us to the current mods list :


Ridetech Single Adjustable HQ Shocks

Stranoparts Swaybars Front/Rear

Sperkins Camber locking plates

Custom spec’d and built upper control arm stud conversion and shim kit

Hoosier Performance Engineering Custom Control arm kit prototype

Stock leaf springs

Rims and Rubber :

Forgestar F14 18×11 Fronts 18×12 Rears12030422_10156144030890078_8642013374757131271_o

 BFG Rival-S 315/30/18 Fronts  335/30/18 Rears


Wilwood SL6 Front Kit with 13″ rotors for auto-x/street and 14″ rotors for track use


Lingenfelter Built LS7 Longblock with Lingenfelter LS3 Cylinder heads

JE Forged Aluminum Pistons

Total Seal Rings

Callies forged Dragon Slayer Crank 4.0″ stroke

Oliver I-Beam Connecting Rods

Custom Spec’d CamshaftfT76B4h6HBLsD8mh35JvdEHpnxSLamRLauY4w2Ni4Mk,jRfHKYCmTxbCM9NNU1Gonybq3vCUcsU81a1cdypmG60

Hollow stem intake valves

inconel exhaust valves

LPE dual valve springs

LPE Titanium spring retainers

CNC Port and Polish Heads

Dewitts Raditor/Oil Cooler combo


RKT Built T56 with MN6 Ratios

ACT Xtreme Twin Disc 

Tick Performance Remote Bleeder


OMP Bucket Seats

Brey Krause Harness Bar

5 Point Harnesses

Brey Krause Fire Extinguisher Mount

C6 Z06 Shifter/Suede boot

Momo Rally Suede Steering Wheel

NRG Quick Release

Traqmate datalogger11950306_1029505140435435_71887208138870495_o


Trackspec Hood Vents

Custom Made Front Grille Blockoff Plates

VMS Tow Hook

Trailer Hitch

Painted lower diffuser Area of rear bumper

Tuner Info: Brent Malone @ Lingenfelter

Track Times:

feature zvo







Dyno Numbers:  499 RWHP /472 RWTQ

Race History:


100+ Local autocross events

10-15 HPDE events

2012 SCCA National Autocross Championship 11th in class FSP


10+ Local autox events

Optima Batteries Ultimate Street Car MIS and Pittsburgh International Race Complex

2nd place in under 3000lb category at MIS

1st in class at Pittsburgh earning an invite to SEMA and Vegas for the invitational

Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational 2014: 41st out of 103 in a then stock car

#Gridlife Time Attack  street modified (4th)


6 Local autox events

Optima Ultimate Street Car Association MI International Speedway (2nd)

National Corvette Museum (2nd)

Road America (4th)

Optima USCA Overall Season Points 6th in GTS out of 67

#Gridlife Time Attack Series Gingerman (1st) ,

Autobahn (1st and class record)

Gingerman (1st and class record)980507_1094654257213839_784678088299893291_o

1st overall Street Mod class


Future plans for the car:

The car is undergoing an engine rebuild now with a different cam spec and a bit higher compression. After that it’s back to getting as much seat time as possible. Eventually I’d like to play with a few more aero mods.

As far as events, for 2016 I plan to Visit Circuit of the Americas in Texas with the Ultimate street car series and hopefully earn an invite to SEMA and the invitational again. I will also be attending as many of the Gridlife Time attack events as possible and my friend and soon to be co-pilot Ryan Finch and I will be campaigning the car in most local/national SCCA Autocross events in the new CAM-S class including the National championship. I also plan to attend One Lap of America 2017 after watching my friends from RS Motors compete for the last 2 years I’ve gotta try it!

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