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Heads / Cam and CCWs – Louie Bdub

ZVO Member: Louie Bdub


Paint Color:
Victory Red, top painted Black

Date Purchased and location: 

November 2014 as a birthday present to myself. 


 Haltech 103,

MSD Manifold,

AHP Stage 4 heads 11.4:1,

BTR Platinum Valvetrain,

Custom BTR cam,

Kooks 1 7/8th Headers into a catless X pipe with modded GM mufflers. 

Custom PMR 5 point Chromoly Bar,

Cobra Imola GT seat,

DJ 5 point harness,

Vettesthetics headlights

PSX_20160604_163050Tuner Info:
Ryne Cunningham / CMS

Track Times:
Shift Sector 164.1mph

Dyno Numbers:
Mustang Dyno 561 RWHP / 512 WTQ

Wheel Specs: 
CCW D110 3 piece, custom setup made for the C6Z,

18X12.5 rears wrapped in Mickey SS 

18X7.5 fronts wrapped in Hoosiers

PSX_20160604_162945Events Attended / Race History:
3 Shift Sector events, and many, many vacations to mexico… 

The car is literally my daily driver, I know everyone says that, but I actually do drive it to work every single day, and all over town. 

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