Street Car Takeover – Topeka KS

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View from the SCT Kick Off Party held earlier in April



If you haven’t yet heard of Street Car Takeover  (SCT) then it’s safe to assume two things :

-You aren’t a car guy/gal.

-You haven’t the slightest clue what WHP stands for

If this is the case, you may find the nearest X on your screen and click it now. (Only kidding)

SCT is the nations largest traveling performance oriented automotive event and it’s attendance speaks for itself. Normally a 2 day event, things start off with a massive meet and greet car show complete with well known performance vendors and sponsor displays, high horsepower cars, food trucks, and of course the good ole dream crushing mobile dyno. If this isn’t enough to clear up your Friday night then Saturday at the racetrack will fix that. 14 different race classes are available to cater to all types of vehicles. For a complete list you can check out the website here.

Next stop ? Denver Colorado! 

Anyways, moving onto the good stuff! Here are some photos we took!